Sunny Rose Bowl


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A bowlful of roses – what could be more cheerful? Especially when they’re a buttery, sunny yellow. Add in a pot that comes with a gloriously colourful card collar and you’ve got something that really will brighten their day. Meet the Sunny Rose Bowl: >Featuring a Bowl of Planted Yellow Roses wrapped in Frosted Cello and presented in a Multi-coloured Gift Collar. >It’s around 30cm tall >It’ll need lots of indirect sun, and lots of water – give it a good drink when the top inch of soil dries out. >Roses can be planted in the garden after flowering. >It’s delivered for free! Our top notch delivery partners will take great care of their plant pal. 9/10 times it’ll arrive on the day you choose, but it could take an extra couple of days sometimes. Extras: Don’t forget you can get FREE Lindor Mini Milk Chocolates, just use the code FREECHOCS.