Serene Peace Lily


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Studies have found that having plants around the home and workplace can increase productivity. That makes this stylish Peace Lily plant perfect for the home office or desk, to help keep your brain on top form! Meet the Serene Peace Lily : >Featuring a a Light Blue Ceramic containing a Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) Easy Care & Air Improving >It’s around 48cm tall >Place in a bright, natural sunlight room but away from direct sunlight. >Keep the compost moist but avoiding over watering. >It’s delivered for free! Our top notch delivery partners will take great care of their plant pal. 9/10 times it’ll arrive on the day you choose, but it could take an extra couple of days sometimes. Extras: Don’t forget you can get FREE Lindor Mini Milk Chocolates, just use the code FREECHOCS.