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Some Facts About Flowers You May Not Know….

OrchidsOrchids are a very broadly spread type of flowers, but most of them grow in the tropics. That’s why they are considered an exotic plant. And the number of different species of orchids is huge. An orchid can carry many messages, but the most popular and universal belief is that it’s a symbol of affection. It’s also supposed to be given on the fourteenth wedding anniversary.

Roses … When you want to say that you love somebody, a single red rose can do it for you. Dark red roses are believed to carry the meaning of an unconscious beauty. White ones symbolize innocence and purity, which probably comes from the colour. If you want to show thankfulness and appreciation, perhaps you should get some pink roses. Giving such roses also means that you wish somebody happiness. Yellow ones are intended for friendship and when you want to say that you care. If you want to express that you’re fascinated by someone, send orange roses and wait to see the reaction. With lavender roses you can show one of the sweetest feelings which is love at first sight.

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Tulips … Tulips are typical spring flowers that grow from bulbs. They also come in different bright or pastel colours, and as you can probably guess, each has a special meaning. Tulips are the universal romantic symbol of declaring ultimate love, especially the red ones. If you’ve been married for eleven years, now would be the perfect time to give tulips for your anniversary. Then, the purple ones are associated with elegance and nobility. In the beginning, yellow tulips meant unrequited love, but now they somehow evolved and symbolize cheerfulness and sunshine. There are also white tulips that are a sign of forgiveness.

Sunflowers .. Sunflowers were first grown in the Americas and then, in the sixteenth century, they were brought to Europe. A well-known fact is that oil is made from sunflower seeds. Another interesting fact is that these flowers are the appropriate present for the third anniversary, since they are believed to be the symbol of loyalty.

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